reclaim what it means to be truly beautiful.

Stand with other women who are making peace with their reflection to end the war they have been waging on themselves.

You Are, and Always Have Been Beautiful.

Society’s standard of beauty varies from what we see on television, magazines and social media, and because of this, all of us have defined some idea of what it means to be beautiful. Beauty Begins offers us a genuine understanding of what real beauty is, how we can find it and how to make peace with our reflection.


In Beauty Begins this powerful mother and daughter team share their insights and wisdom, born from their own experiences, to help women everywhere overcome negative perceptions about themselves and to learn to love and respect the person God made them to be.

Victoria Osteen, Co-Pastor of Lakewood Church

Beauty in the eyes of the world is distorted. In Beauty Begins, Chris Shook and her daughter, Megan, point women of all ages to the source of true beauty: the heart of God. They reveal that God’s heart is for women to be full of beauty, full of joy, full of peace.

Matthew Barnett, Author of God’s Dream for You

In an age of superficial beauty and supermodel icons, our friends Chris and Megan offer a Christ-centered alternative that begins with the heart of God. Here’s a wise and wonderful guide to where true beauty begins—and to the confidence and contentment that come from it.

Kay Warren, Co-Founder of Saddleback Church

A vibrant, heartwarming book for women of all ages who live out the universal struggle to see themselves as beautiful. Through their personal stories, biblical insight, and practical wisdom, this mother-daughter duo gives us down-to-earth advice on how to see ourselves clearly through God’s eyes of acceptance and love.

Leslie Strobel, Authors of Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage

Interactive Study

The Beauty Begins Small Group Study Kit includes one Beauty Begins book, one interactive DVD, one Leader’s Guide and five Small Group Study Books.

About the Authors

Chris Shook is the co-author (with her husband, Kerry) of two New York Times bestsellers, One Month to Live and Be the Message.

Together, they founded Fellowship of The Woodlands, now Woodlands Church, in 1993 right outside of Houston, TX. The church started in their home with a congregation of eight people, and since then, it has become a multi-site church with over 18,000 in average attendance every weekend.

Megan Shook Alpha, Chris’ daughter, is a graduate of Baylor University and now works as the student missions pastor at Woodlands Church.

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